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1800h Jan 21

Ready Freddie?! Further to this morning’s course update:

Leg 1: We anticipate starting on Lake Louise as planned, 0900h.
Leg 3 (Baker to Lookout): After the road crossing near Protection Mtn campground, there is surface water on the trail as you parallel the railway. Step lightly!
Leg 4: (Lookout to Silver City): Follow the flagged skier set track on the high side of an ice flow.
Leg 5: (Silver City to Johnston Campgrd): The road in the campground has been plowed, but sufficient snow remains for you to ski on the road for the last 300m to the checkpoint.

See below for today’s 0800h update.

0800h Jan 21

Grooming crews will be out today resetting as much of the course as possible. Extraordinary trail info:

Leg 1: Fairmont Chateau track setters are packing the lake for start lanes but experiencing some mush. As has happened before, we may start the loppet just off the lake on the teaching lanes above the washrooms in the public parking lot. We will know the start area status tomorrow morning. If today, we will post an update.

The end of leg 1 (and relay exchange) is at the end of Fairview Dr. Driving from the Chateau, turn R at the first 4-way stop, drive 2 km through the ‘closed’ campground to the level rail crossing.

Leg 2: expect to walk/run up Morant’s Curve on the edge of the road. Road plowing prevents a track from being set.

Leg 4: The ice flow/ground seepage problem 1 km west of Castle Junction has not be tamed and a flagged skier set route is above it. 

Leg 6: Ah, the Hillsdale Split! A groomed trail is in place for the downhill portions, but skiers can walk/run portions on the road if they wish.

1) 0700h Banff shuttle bus [if applic]
2) 0800h package pickup in the Chateau convention centre
3) 0830h course update
4) 0900h loppet start
5) 1700h reception

Start your training.

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